Ron Oster, the original and current owner, was a former disc jockey at KWIZ Radio in Southern California. In 1976, the distinguished and prestigious Man of The Year award was bestowed upon him.

With all of the publicity, the timing was right and in 1977, along with Maureen Holthe, the 1976 Woman of The Year, they opened Silver Streak Travel in Tustin, California. Needless to say, the “man and woman team” were an instant success. Ron got out of broadcasting in 1977 and in 1980, decided to sell out to Maureen and move to Phoenix where his folks lived. Ron received over 46 various prominent awards while living in Southern California and
was heavily involved with almost every community organization from The Red Cross to United Cerebral Palsy.

Before leaving Southern California, The Orange County Board of Supervisors awarded him the very rare status of being a Lifetime Honorary Citizen of Orange County for his many unselfish accomplishments. He opened Rawhide Travel and Tours on March 03, 1980.

Although he vowed not to get involved with Arizona community organizations and projects, but rather concentrate of making Rawhide Travel and Tours a success, he was appointed by Phoenix Mayor Margaret Hance on March 04, 1981 to serve on the Deer Valley Planning Commission which he did for almost four years. And, although he did not receive it, he was nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year in 1992.

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