“How We Got Our Name?”

Many customers want to know how we got our name so here’s the official answer.

Originally, it was one of 53 name selections but there were three final reasons the name was actually chosen. One was the fact that the name Rawhide fit in with the relaxed local “Southwest” life style Arizona is noted for. The second was that a “neutral travel name” was wanted to let the traveling public know that we booked all types of travel including air tickets, tours, cruises, cars, hotels, resorts and everything else in the travel field including personal, group, incentive and corporate travel.

As an example, Arizona Travel was one of the original 53 names. But it was thought the name might mislead the traveling public into thinking that we only booked limited travel within Arizona when indeed we were going to be a worldwide travel agency.

The third and final reason, in namesake, was to honor the famed historical Town of Rawhide. With it’s western fascades and true spirit of the west, it all seemed to tie in. Mr. James Paul, the owner of the Town of Rawhide in 1980, was officially asked by the Rawhide Travel and Tours Board of Directors for his permission to name the travel agency after his prominent and celebrated landmark town. Not only did he give his permission, he gave it with his blessings and was “tickled pink” about it.

So there you have, the official answer. Can we “Help You Get Lost?”