arc-agencyRawhide Travel and Tours, Incorporated of Arizona was incorporated on December 28,1979 in the state of Arizona and first opened it’s doors on March 03, 1980. Continuously ranked (since 1988) as “One Of The Top Twenty-Five Travel Agencies” in the state by The Phoenix Business Journal, it is one of the oldest and most successful travel agencies in the state today and is a sub-chapter S Corporation with 100% of the stock (10,000 shares) being held by Ronald E. Oster, III. the President.

Rawhide Travel and Tours is bonded and holds license number 200000419 with the city of Glendale, Arizona in the Tax and License Division.

Rawhide Travel and Tours also holds the two appointments necessary to be a qualified worldwide travel agency. Those certificates of accreditation are on file with the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) in Arlington, Virginia and with the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) in Montreal, Canada.

Although not required, Rawhide Travel and Tours has a Trust Account set up at Chase Bank, N. A. in Phoenix, Arizona to protect all client monies.

Besides “Rawhide Travel and Tours, Incorporated of Arizona”, registered trademarks with the Secretary of State of Arizona, and the Secretary of State of Nevada, are “Let Us Help You Get Lost” and “Ever Since 1980”.